Analyses of Problems

Problem resolution is one of our specialities with a tenacity  which is unsurpassed combined with a very broad set of skills built on practical experience. This is backed  by individual specialist's which can  be called upon in most fields of IT. Remember at the end of the day our "No fix No charge" policy is your protection subject to your adoption of the fix.

Whether the problem is related to Networks, Applications, Hardware, or business practices you don't have to live with it, and in many cases the fix will bring with it added improvements.

In most cases there are multiple solutions to any given problem, and some preferred solutions may be beyond your control due to external influences, but there are always alternative solutions.

Try us now, we do not beleive in "cant be done"  You cant lose No fix, NO charge

How can I be sure your analyses is correct ?

In most cases the analyses should be supported by documented facts gathered from research which you should be able to understand in your environment and is presented to you in the form of a report. You may just require the research and or review to add to a bigger picture, or confirm your own suspicions.

 But the report can be seen subject to interpretation of the data collected ?

Very little in the IT world today is absolutely unique, unless your on the bleeding edge of technology in a vertical market, which may in itself be the problem. However in general it should be possible to create an environment to both demonstrate the problem on demand, and replicate the operation in a controlled environment to demonstrate the solution.

What if the solution requires capital expenditure, how can I be sure, before I purchase ?

If the problem can not be resolved by your incumbent support organization whether it be hardware or software, then  IT4U can  help  probably at a cost of either Hardware, Software or consultancy. Any expenditure needs to be cost effective, and should be looking at both the short and medium term time frames. Only you know ( or should know) the cost impact to your business of any problem, and there is no sense in spending more than its worth to your business. When the cost of the fix exceeds the cost of the problem to the business  we recommend you enhance the fix to produce some added benefit to your business rather than just a fix to the problem. Remember also "No fix - No charge"

How do I know your solution is the right solution ?

The right solution should meet some basic criteria, irrespective of where it came from. The solution must firstly fix the problem, it must be cost effective, it must not create others or move the problem elsewhere, it must be supportable, it should be industry standard, or non bespoke, and it should not increase any high risk dependencies. If the solution does not meet most or all these basic criteria then it is probable that the proposed solution is not the best solution, and may only be appropriate due to external business demands.

How do I start to resolve the problem ?

Either on your own or with our help define the problem as best you can, and the maximum time frame to resolve it. Understand the impact/risk to your business and hence it's cost. Send us an email with as much detail as you can about the problem and from this we will respond (within 24 hrs max) with some questions to help us gain a better understanding of our capacity to implement a resolution. From your response to our questions we will return an indicative approach, and methodology. 

Email:    a n a l y s e s @ i t 4 u . c o m . a u

Note: The above email address has spaces between characters which you must remove to stop auto spam generation on mail lists.

Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.



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