VAX to Alpha Migration Novel to NT migration
RDB to Oracle Lotes Notes to Exchange
NT4 to Windows 2000 NT 4 to Windows XP
10 MB Networks to 100Mb switched/Fibre None managed network to managed Network
Windows Motif to MS windows Client/Serv Windows 95 to Windows NT
Third-party Hardware Maint. DEC products MS mail to Exchange
Voice & Data National & International Satellite ground station control
Traffic light control system - NSW VAX RNSH Spectrometer data collection
S.A TAB - Borroughs Main Frame Automated call paging
Environmental Alerts to support DDIF to JPG imaging system conversion
DDS to ISDN to Frame to Internet VPN ATM Installations
Insurance Loss adjustment -(IT) Train the Trainer
Maintenance contract development Numerous relocations
Automated multi database up date Policy & Procedure Development
Developed and wrote Service call package Standard Implementation
PABX Fujitsu/NEC configuration, LCR, integ Network collision analyses
Product Management Branch Management
Technical Support Manager Conducted training courses
Network Design Austpac X25
Computer room installations Environmental Contr.  Security & Notification
Microsoft MCP Certified Time in Motion study
Wireless communications Mobile Data communications
CSA Security penetration test Sat phone Data communications
Numerous network projects Analogue Mobile phone thesis
Clean room hard disk requirements IT Budget responsibility to $1m
DOC's Open, Cisco Network components
Software deployment SMS, Win2k Policies DRP hot and cold site
Voice data feasibility, cost effectiveness Call system to accounts integration
Email to Fax & Fax to email Budgeting technics & motivation
Strategic planning Importing IT Products
PABX in Box - Alchemy  
Project Central  


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