I'm sure we would all agree that with any implementation you need a plan even if its as simple as a list of steps from 1 - 10 in bullet point form that you will follow in order to implement your new world wide multi-million dollar Internet Video on demand billing system. No ! your right 1-10 is not enough. Most of us would have noted a plan at some level for tasks we have to performed within IT but you will be surprised how many technical people just leap in or worse still don't even follow there own plan.

IT4U can construct a plan suitable to your needs picking up all the elements which make up a successful plan which does not leave you hiding from your users (or boss) on Monday, or wishing you had taken sick leave, again !

Having implemented a number of projects over the years for production systems some of which administered millions of dollars and run 24 x 7 we understand the risks, and the importance to your business.

As a Project Manager coming from a technical environment with experience in third party Hardware and Software support, this provides an exceptional grounding, when combined with Project Management skills and years of experience.

Whether you have office's all round Australia and trying to roll out Windows XP, or Windows 2000 ( MCP Qualified) or simply trying to implement a package, SOE, or architectural change IT4U can develop and implement the plan with the least risk, and appropriate contingencies.

The Implementation Plan would typical include these headings where appropriate, and depending on what is being  implemented.


Over view


Overall Timing

Implementation Steps

Test Plan

Acceptance Test



I'm sure we have all taken on tasks for the first time or new tasks, completed them and looked back thinking I wouldn't do it that way again. Learning by experience, which is what we have in our favour, based on numerus implementation from small rollouts to large migration's.

Do you have the time to devote to developing and managing the plan while keeping your normal responsibilities in prospective, how many hours are already in your day ?

Do you have the breadth of skills to determine the implementation steps timing, risks, impacts, and to specifically  develop a contingency strategy? There will be multiple parties participating in the majority of implementations, will you be able to read between the lines to determine the questions, the timing, risks, and the proffered alternatives.

Can you show due diligence to the process without such a plan should "Murphy" strike ?

Take a minute to ponder your last implementation and consider if it did not have the plan structure and management discussed here would this process have helped to provide better results. If your answer is no, then I would like to hear from you.


13/05/2002 04:36:58 PM