Infrastructure is an area IT4U has spent considerable time and feel very confident that we can both help and add value.

Network problems are on the increase as the demand to share and exchange data, of larger sizes, faster and more often, with more people increases. We have built faster cars, wider roads, added roads, built bigger trucks, but we still have the collisions which now impact more people. In all this time over these years we have never changed the traffic  lights,ie the collision detection base nature of Ethernet. For those that don't know ( and ignoring the technical people that are bored and need to debate it) Ethernet by nature limits effective through put on a 10Mb link to approximately 2Mb,(100/20).

So now I have talked about roads, and traffic lights, used all the big buzz words, your ready to give me all your business. No, oh perhaps if I tell you I was the Project Manager for the Infrastructure side of the Sydney Airport upgrade with a Fibre backbone(800kb download), using multimode running around Sydney Airport, with Gigabyte switched ATM links, and 100MB to the desktop you would be more impressed, or that I configured one of the first Voice and data links to service 15 sites in Australia, one in NZ and another in US using Frame.

So what can I do for you;

    * Note: IT4U is not a security guru, with the exception of VAX/VMS, and generic Windows sites.

Well if your still reading down this far, then you obviously have a need and a fairly strong one, because these subjects are fairly dry from a WEB prospective, you wont get any porn or free bee's here. Actually you can get free bee's.

Most of all you need IT4U because we can save you money, in ongoing charges and potential future investments. (see the tip at the bottom)

 But apart from the above over the years all companies experience Network problems, and if you don't, then your staff are not working and not playing games either. You may have maintenance contracts or support staff for your servers, because they can impact a large number of people and data, but network issues tend to have the same result, are harder to find, more intermittent, and sniffers, or utilization information probably eludes you. I can help untangle and clear up these issues.

Maybe you want to allow your staff to work remotely, via RAS, Internet, or wireless communication, or possibly your not sure of the best way to provide a service to a client or user. I can design a solution to suit based on your needs not a product, because I'm not selling you the product.

Possibly your internal techno crates are pushing for Cat 6, or 100 Base switched or faster internet connections, so they can download more MP3's but your not sure if there will really be a benefit, and this is not just a desire for better and faster cars, for the boys with toys.

Maybe you want to deploy an application, on your WAN, but your not sure if the current structure will support it, or possibly if you never had my Project Management skills you have already deployed the application, and now have the problem.

 Tip: This is in small print because I cant give everything away. But consider this. If your company has been around for the last 5 years or more and has external links, the chance's are that you have increased the size or throughput capacity for these links, or added more, when your business was growing over prior  years. If your IT company, or one of the majority in the current climate you staff numbers will have dropped, possibly substantially, but have you reduced the size of the increased links, I doubt it, and this could easily save you 20% on your bottom line WAN costs.

13/05/2002 04:36:58 PM