IT4U - Information Technology For You Pty Limited

IT4U was formed on the 2nd July 1998 to allow the breadth of available skills to be utilized and to facilitate some diversity and challenges. We believe we can add considerable benefits to most IT scenarios and it is envisaged this will allow these benefits to be demonstrated and realized. These skills combined with objective tenacity have resulted in many successful projects, and the growth of other organizations in past positions.

While IT4U was formed to provide essential contracting capability this should not be seen as a limitation. With the diverse knowledge within the Industry IT4U has the capability to provide Prime contract services and thus is not constrained where as other organizations may utilize there own resources, which may not be the most appropriate. Over the years many projects have involved other organizations, and often this has required external specialists.

IT4U is mindful of the current market and the risks associated within the Industry. In order to combat this and by conditional negotiation if the desired solution or deliverable is not forthcoming then neither will our Invoice.


Nothing is too difficult


13-May-2002 04:36 PM