IT4U can help with any of the above plus a host of others possible options, but if your looking for someone to re-write your existing application on another platform, then keep looking.

The actual migration of data, specific configuration issues, customization, business rules, and how to get the best out of it are rarely propagated. Your supplier has provided a price and service, and wants to do as least as possible, or just enough to get paid. Unless you have a clear documented set of requirements, you will be left with issues, or adding dollars.

While here I have targeted Microsoft, this is only because most people can relate in some fashion and understand the concept. At the end of the day, they are probably no different to your favourite vendor, with the exception to there credit if you ask or look hard enough you can find this information, its not hidden.

So what is it worth to you to find out before hand what some of the items to be considerd are, and review the implications. Perhaps just provide some assistance  in regard to integration issues between migrating products or platforms. The cost of your call will save you either time or money in the longer term.

Call now and put the concept to a test.

Remember our policy "No fix No charge" if we cant offer or contribute constructively we wont.

13/05/2002 04:42 PM