AS400 Part of a Relocation Project

VAX Relocation

VAX 6420, Support, DRP, Upgrade, Network, WAN

Construction & Relocation Computer room

Construct.Relocate. 700 + Voice & Data

PABX.Aircond & Print room

Construct & Relocate

Setup the lot 4 floors 700 + connections 5 Vax's Cluster + Intel Servers

Replace DSSI with BA SCSI

Migration Novell to MS, Windows to NT, SOE

New Alpha ES40 for Prep of migration from VAX

ES40 dual everything, Multi Home cluster

Refurb, build computer room

VAX to Alpha ES40 Migration work

VAX to ES40 Cluster Integration & Testing

Patch panel re config, for isolation testing

VAX to ES40 migration pre for acceptance testing

Computer room, design, relocation, incl PABX, voice & data

College RIS Rollout

College Server deployment

College patch panel




13/05/2002 04:39:08 PM