Rates & Terms

Rates: Hourly rates vary between $95.00AU & $135.00 AU for Senior management, including Project Management, $60.00 - $85.00 for operations, support, $40.00 - $60 for desktop. The variation in rates is dependent on the type of work to be carried out, period of the project, hours in which to complete, and technical requirements.

Rates within the NSW Metropolitan area (02) include travel costs. Travel time outside of NSW metro but within Australia will be charged @ 50% of the agreed hourly rate plus all travel, accommodation, sundry expenses.

All rates quoted exclude GST.

Rates outside of Australia by negotiation.

Terms: Tax invoices will be submitted monthly at the end of every month, or on completion of the task which ever is the earlier. Payments received (either by mail or direct deposit) within 7 days for any single invoice of amounts over $10,000 may deduct 5% off the invoice value. Tasks less than two days are COD.

Rates can be discounted for projects or contracts greater than 6 months.

Warranty: All services warranted for 30 days from completion. Notification must be received by email as well as any verbal requests. Note in the case of Desktop support and or operations any claim against warranty must be for the same failure, irrespective of that fact it may look the same.

Limit of liability: In all cases with no exceptions so far as the law in NSW permits, liability shall not be greater than the single invoice value of the task to which liability is being claimed. Any suggestion, statement, or inference, other than in writing on letter head signed by the director shall be null and void.

Rates subject to change without notice - Last updated 22/03/2002