Whether your going from VAX to Alpha from an old version to of VMS to the latest version, whether yo have lots of layerd products or only a few, DSSI, or SCSI, DECnet, Lat or IP, if you have a need we have a solution. We cut our teeth in the old Digital world and third party products, and still today integrate Advanced Server, NT VMS in solutions. A member of DECUS for many years, and still in its in new life. Implementing DRP solutions on Vax 6420, and Migrating from VAX to Alpha ES40's. Replacing aging DSSI with SCSI, migrating from LAT to IP. Upgrading what was Pathworks to Advanced Server, implementing DNS DC functionality. Tunning and Preventative maintenance, CD stackers and writers. With hardware and software hands on experience  combined with our Project Management skills, we guarantee we can add value to any task in this area, and succeed where others may have failed.

With integration of your  Microsoft  Windows platform to you VMS systems you can reduce maintenance, increase productivity and flexibility.

Probably the most significant reason for utilizing our services, is the lack of knowledge generally in the market now with regards to just what you can do with your existing VMS system. VMS today offers more integration capabilities to your MS Windows environment than any other Operating System, so let us show you just how.

We understand third party integration issues, installed many firsts in Australia often at odds with Digital, such as high speed SCSI dual ported drive's on VAX 6420, providing twice the speed at half the size, adding third party memory at half the price, migrating Widows Motif applications to Xcursion, to client server, VAX and NT cluster, or Alpha VMS and NT Domain PDC and BDC.

 You need this service if you are considering anything more than a few hours or dollars work because we can help shape the future for so that you not facing another decision in a few months and to get the best out of what you have.

Finally do you want someone who would really rather be working on another platform or someone who wants to see it grow and continue.

Call now lets see if we can help you to achive even better results


13/05/2002 04:42 PM